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This is real Testimony and Visions given to brother Buddy Baker from our Lord Jesus Christ…

Joel 2:28(New King James Version)

28“ And it shall come to pass afterward
I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
old men shall dream dreams,
young men shall see visions.

Buddy Baker -  Visions:

Our friend Buddy Baker started having a series of rapture dreams in 2007 through 2009 as you can see here listed below. Then at the beginning of summer 2010, he had his first end time vision. His visions came about every week or so at the beginning of summer. Then his visions started coming closer together as time progressed. We published this list of visions below in our last letter and he has since had two more visions and we are including all his visions plus his two latest visions below.

My (Buddy Baker)rapture dreaming 2007. I was in Peru on a mission trip and in my dream there were angels surrounding me. They were very tall wearing white robes and in the dream they were telling me to be ready (rapture) and I woke up.

Second rapture dream 2008 I was on a short mission trip in Owsley County, Kentucky (U.S.), in my dream I was standing outside in an open field and there was a big city to my right and there was a man standing in front of me not sure who he was but he looked nervous and all the sudden I heard a loud sound like graves popping open and I knew what was happening and I told the man that the rapture was happening and that the dead would rise first and I heard a very loud voice say THE DEAD SHALL RISE FIRST and I woke up.

Third rapture dream 2008 I was outside and people were panicking running all over the place and didn’t know what to do but I knew what was happening and I shouted and told the people to hurry and repent because the rapture was getting ready to happen and all the sudden my body was changing like it was transparent and I was starting to go up and people that were saved were going up too very fast! There is a picture that I found that looks just like this dream and the sky in this dream was even blue, amazing! I woke up.

Fourth rapture dream I was outside working on my truck and people everywhere were in a panic and cars were crashing everywhere and there was something strange in the airwaves and I went into my house and this TV repair man was trying to fix my TV but couldn’t and he didn’t know what was going on and I told him that it’s the Lord God almighty and all the sudden I heard a very loud trumpet sound and then I woke up.

Fifth rapture dream I was outside in the streets and all the sudden people everywhere were in a panic and scared running all over and while this was happening I was being lifted up and I knew it was the rapture then I woke up.

Sixth rapture dream I just had my rapture dream and I’m trying to hurry and write this while it is still fresh in my mind because it just literally happen minutes ago! It is now 9 pm and when I woke up and looked at my clock it was 8:57 PM Well anyway here’s what happened, I was in a house with my brothers and sisters and a friend and I were on the phone and my friend’s son was there also a Christian man was there. We all were talking about the rapture and I was trying to tell my friend that something was happening and I could feel something was about to happen and all the sudden I was being lifted up and the moment I was going up I was wondering if I was going to go through the ceiling and at that instant I went through the ceiling and at the same time I’m trying to tell you what’s happening and I’m shouting GLORY HALLELUJAH and as this is happening I can feel it and hearing myself shouting as I’m waking up from this dream!

Seventh rapture dream September 2010 I was in Heaven and in this big room. I was not sure what room it was, but there were people everywhere and we were so excited because we couldn’t wait to see the Father and Jesus and all. Then they came in! I don’t how to explain it but they were one even though it was both of them they were one. I’ll just say Lord God Jesus, well they came in to personally greet each person and they looked directly at me with so much love and I could feel their love all over me and after each person was personally greeted and hugged by the Lord it was my turn and – boy was I excited! So I got ready to walk up to the Lord, but more people got in front of me – so even though it was my turn I waited patiently and the Lord never took His eyes off of me. He just kept smiling and then we finally embraced and it was well, words can’t describe, the feeling it was “AWESOME”! And the best part was the Lord grabbed my hands and swung me around in circles like a child and that was so much fun!

Ninth Rapture dream, 05 October 2010 – I had a short dream in the morning before I woke up – I was in a house with Choo Thomas, a friend of mine, and other people (not sure who they were). We were getting up to leave and Choo came to me and gave me a piece of paper from the Lord and when I looked at it, it said I’M COMING, that’s all it said.

We had written in past letters about our friend Buddy Baker who started having visions this past summer 2010 followed by additional visions that came a week or so apart until recently they were coming now every couple days. Below are the 14 visions he had since early summer 2010—but since Part XI message came out, Buddy attended a revival last weekend and received six additional visions over the weekend and also received the gift of tongues. Then on Tuesday night he had yet another vision and another one this past Wednesday night. So we are including his latest report of several of these new visions received this past week alone:

Here are the visions I (Buddy Baker) received last weekend at Pastor Kim’s revival in Michigan and the two this past week. The one in the hotel was Saturday afternoon Oct. 30. And the others at church were Sunday morning and afternoon Oct. 31.

In the hotel room, I was sitting on the bed praying and worshiping the Lord and when I closed my eyes I saw a crown of thorns and I opened my eyes and closed them a few minutes later and saw a white eagle which I knew represented Jesus.

At the church revival as we were worshiping the Lord, I closed my eyes and I saw countless floating red hearts coming at me and they were bursting like fireworks.

Later in the service as we continued to worship, I closed my eyes and I’m standing in a long hall and there were angels standing on each side, up and down the hall, and at the end of the hall I see Jesus sitting on a throne and He was wearing a golden crown.

As we continued to worship I closed my eyes once again, and I see to my left side a quick flash of Jesus from His shoulders up and He was very bright and I saw two angels, one on each side of Him.

Here are the two visions I had this past week:

My vision Tuesday night Nov. 2 in the shower, I saw the profile of Jesus sitting on a white horse and He was wearing a white robe and smiling at me and I said aloud, not in my mind but verbally, “Lord show me more” and He extended out His hand to me and that was the end of the vision.

Last Wednesday night, Nov. 3, I went to take a shower and didn’t even have time to think or focus on anything because I was so tired from getting home late. So when I closed my eyes, I saw God the Father! Yes, you heard right, and I knew with all my heart that it was the Father because I could feel it so strongly in my spirit! He had long pure white hair and a beard and He wore a long, beautiful, very light green coloured robe with beautiful designs up and down the robe that were not random or scattered patterns, they were beautifully ordered, and I asked out loud: “Lord who is this?” and then the word “GOD” appeared above His head and that was the end of the vision.

1st Vision:went into my room to pray because I really wanted to spend time alone with the Lord. The moment I knelt down on the floor to pray I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I saw a white robe and at the bottom of it feet and I just knew in my heart that it was the Lord! I don’t think He had sandals on I only saw His bare feet, but I saw His bottom portion of His robe and feet.

2nd Vision:went to take a shower I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I was hugging Jesus and when I was looking behind Him I saw countless Gold mansions. I knew if I opened my eyes it would disappear so I kept my eyes closed as long as I could and kept looking at the Lord and the Gold mansions behind HIM. I couldn’t see His face but I knew He was smiling, it was amazing!

3rd Vision:is what happened: I went to take a shower before my prayer time and time to go to bed and I closed my eyes while in the shower and I opened my eyes and the second time I closed my eyes there He was, the Lord! What I saw: I was standing on a round platform and the Lord was putting a crown on my head, I tried to keep my eyes closed as long as I could, I think it lasted for about 20 seconds.

4th Vision:was in the shower (again) and when I closed my eyes I saw the Lord once again and He was sitting on a white horse with both His hands raised and there were millions and millions of angels surrounding Him and then the vision disappeared. It was awesome!

5th Vision:I was in the shower again and I kept wondering if God would show me anything. But not just in the shower, but anywhere would be fine. But as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the Lord and He was wearing a white robe and He had His arm extended out and I could see multitudes of people passing through Him from all walks of life. And they all had regular clothes on and the moment they passed through Him I had a thought in my mind. And I asked the Lord where are they going and He said HEAVEN and instantly after I asked Him that they were wearing white robes and I opened my eyes and closed them again and saw the same thing again!

6th Vision:23 September 2010 – When I closed my eyes I saw Jesus with His crown of thorns on His head. Then I saw angels getting ready for the rapture and they were moving fast and they had swords with them. I am not sure why and then I saw a very bright swirling light getting bigger and bigger, and I was seeing all three of these things taking place at the same time!

7th Vision:just had another vision about an hour previously at 9:15 pm so here’s what happened: as soon as I got home, I went to take a shower to relax and I’m starting to realize that maybe that’s why the Lord is giving me these visions in the shower because I’m relaxed and calm and my mind is clear. Well here’s what happened: as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw angels, countless angels coming at me and then I saw the Lord in the middle of the angels and He was standing and He was beautiful wearing a crown and then all of a sudden He was sitting on His throne. Then as He got closer, He was standing right in front of me holding a small beautiful shiny pillow and I was anxious to see what was on it. Next, He showed me what it was while smiling at me. It was a beautiful ring! The whole time I was seeing this I just kept praising Him and then I opened my eyes!

8th Vision:I'm sitting outside relaxing on my deck in the warm sun and just focusing on the Lord. When I closed my eyes next I saw Jesus and He was beautiful walking towards me caring a Shepherd’s staff in His right hand. I am not sure why. And in His left hand draped over His arm was a beautiful white robe and a golden crown with beautiful precious stones. I was so amazed and felt a tingling all over my body! I can’t wait until we finally go home to be with the Lord!

9th Vision:here’s what happened while I was getting ready to take a shower: I was wondering if the Lord would show me anything because I never know when or where it will happen. But as I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus so glorious and riding on a beautiful white horse and he was facing me and I could see countless angels all around Him riding horses. I kept seeing the same thing four times. Every time I would open and close my eyes, I would see the same vision but the best part was every time I would close my eyes He was getting closer to me in the vision! I just feel so humbly honored that the Lord keeps blessing me with these amazing visions and dreams. I know we are getting very close and soon we will be going home, Hallelujah!

10th Vision:hour after I got out of the shower, I was getting ready for my prayer time with the Lord. I sat on my bed just praising Him more and closed my eyes and I saw Jesus coming down from Heaven on these beautiful wide grand stairs. That’s the best I can describe it, but He was walking towards me and He raised His arms and the moment He did that I saw countless beautiful pure white doves coming out of Him flying around Him and I know He loves doves because He talks about them in the book Heaven Is So Real (author, Choo Thomas). And then everything got really bright and I opened my eyes, wow this is so amazing, I just can’t get over it! I’m so happy to share these with you; I hope they will bless you as much as they do me!

11th Vision:was getting ready to take a shower and I was thinking about the Lord and the moment I closed my eyes I see Jesus sitting at the end of a banquet table with a beautiful white table cloth, all I could see was His chest and His arms and He was wearing a white robe and on the table all I could see were very beautiful red flowers. I am not sure what kind of flowers and I saw something round in front of the Lord almost like a miniature water fountain but I’m not 100% sure what is was except that it was very shiny almost blinding so I couldn’t really make it out, but I was excited! Oct. 17, 2010Since we posted the last letter—Buddy Baker received two more visions on Oct. 19, 2010:

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